My Contemporary Scottish paintings are inspired by life in Scotland, exploring, climbing & skateboarding around it’

Landscape Not Blandscape’

Original landscape paintings of Scotland featuring locations such as The Isle Of Skye – Glencoe – The Isle Of Arran – The Scottish Highlands – The Hebrides – Edinburgh – Loch Ness – Loch Lomond – Iona – Islay – Eriskay – Mull – Barra – Tiree – Harris – Lewis – Uist –  & more.


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The most popular Paintings & Prints Of Scotland By Artist Andy Peutherer

My Most Popular Paintings & Prints

A wide range of my paintings in different styles & subjects.

Paintings range from Scottish Landscapes to Abstr, Geometric & Impressionistic.

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Made In Scotland

My art work is a result of the push and pull of urban and rural influences on my daily life.

Growing up in the West Coast of Scotland with access to a thriving creative / sub culture as well as a for some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in the world, has inspired me to create artwork which reflects both aspects of my environments. Painting and drawing is an instinctive and exhilarating experience that has been a constant part of my life for as long as I can remember.


Exhibiting and selling my artwork began in 2002 and i am now working as a full time artist. My first show was at a very contemporary independent gallery in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Geometric paintings were my passion with art at the time and these were chosen for the exhibition by the owner and curator.

I had not at this time even attempted a landscape painting apart form sketches when out on the hills or camping as a kid.

This exhibition sold out very quickly with customers being a brilliant mix of art traditional art fans, local skaters, music heads, graffiti writers, artists and the general public passing by.

The gallery was a breath of fresh air, being very relaxed and with interesting and accessable paintings and photography on show, no pretencious owners examining you or the same old bland landscape paintings etc at unreasonable prices.

Since this first art exhibition i continued to show work with many select galleries and put on ‘popup’ shows with other creative friends.

I do not really show with commercial galleries much any more as i like to harness the internet to keep things more reasonably priced.

I am also very disorganised and can loose track of where paintings are.

Landscape Paintings Of Scotland

.In this time I have developed a unique style which i eventually applied to my landscape paintings of Scotland and all the awesome parts of the Highlands and Hebrides i know so well started to work for me as contemporary art.

Having spent so much time absorbing and marvelling in the vast and varied landscapes of Scotland i had never really been inspired to paint the subject. I just enjoyed and took many many photographs as extra memories for the future.

Although i was extremely impressed but so many old landscape paintings i see had viewed in Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery for example, i had yet to see anything fresh that excited me.

Loch Seaforth on the boundary between The Isle Of Lewis and Harris became the first subject for a landscape in my style.

Although i can barely remember painting this i had decided to use non traditional experimental and graffiti / street art techniques to express the land, loch and sky in my way.

The result was good enough to begin a crazy mission to develop my take on Scotland and all the stunning places i had been exploring my entire life.

Somehow these new landscape paintings of my Scotland went down incredibly well and the rest is history.

I figured out making prints and how to produce them at affordable prices. I then built another website at and sold my original paintings and a range of print formats direct to customers.

This plan went slightly better than i expected, with all sorts of people finding and appreciating and even buying my artwork.

My prints are now available in many select independent shops and some galleries, and i can barely keep up!

Still to this day i am constantly working to evolve my style, experimenting and learning new techniques.

From the urban and industrial architecture of Glasgow to the easily accessible Highlands and islands.

A significant amount of time in my life has been spent walking and climbing in Scotland, having a great passion for its varied landscape and wildlife. I love the drama of the landscape with the constant influence of the elements, transforming the sky and the land. I try to capture these moments and experiences in my Scottish landscape paintings.

Urban Influence On My Paintings and Art

I use street art and graphic design techniques fused with the experimental use of traditional and non traditional mediums to express the lyrical, expansive beauty of Scotland’s Highlands, cities architecture, coastlines, mountains and islands.

Much of my urban inspired abstract paintings, geometric paintings and photography has evolved from the experiences of growing up in Scotland’s biggest city with its rich diversity of culture and architecture. My focus on buildings, geometric urban shapes and angles reflects the influence that the underground Glasgow scene had on my early days.

In particular Skateboarding in the city with its use of objects such as stairs, ledges and walls has led to my interest and appreciation of architecture, bringing my attention to building structures, geometry, light, shadow and perspective.

These elements are conveyed in my abstract building paintings and photography images too.

We always place our own thoughts, feelings and experiences on the things that we view and in turn re-imagine them through creativity and my work a the product of this.

My work progression from now and in the future.

My work will always be reasonably priced and accessible to all that appreciate and enjoy it,… and i get bored very easily so expect fresh paintings and ideas constantly.

Check out my Instagram account for recent updates and nonsense from the studio.

Im not a big fan of Facebook and really cant be bothered with twitter. Instagram is very visual which is ideal for creatives, and so far not too badly hijacked by commercial rubbish.

I’m at scottish_art and thanks for your interest in what i do.