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About Scottish Landscape Artist Andy Peutherer

My art work is a result of the push and pull of urban and rural influences on my daily life.

From the urban and industrial architecture of Glasgow to the easily accessible Highlands and islands

Scottish Landscape painting artist A Peutherer. Studio and Art Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland

All my paintings are available to buy as originals, various formats of print and commissioned paintings can also be arranged.

Growing up in the West Coast of Scotland with access to a thriving creative culture, as well as a love for some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in the world, has inspired me to create artwork which reflects both aspects of my environment. Painting is an instinctive and exhilarating experience that has been a constant part of my life for as long as I can remember

Artist Andy Peutherer - Art Studio, Glasgow, Scotland

I began exhibiting and selling my artwork in 2002 and am now working as a full time artist. In this time I have developed a unique style and am constantly working to evolve my art.

I have spent significant time walking and climbing in Scotland, having a great passion for its varied landscape and wildlife. I love the drama of the landscape with the constant influence of the elements, transforming the sky and the land. I try to capture these moments and experiences in my work.

I use street art and graphic design techniques fused with the experimental use of traditional and non traditional mediums to express the lyrical, expansive beauty of the Scottish Highlands and islands.

Much of my urban inspired art work has evolved from the experiences of growing up in Scotland’s biggest city with its rich diversity of culture and architecture. My focus on buildings, geometric shapes and abstract photography reflects the influence that the underground Glasgow scene had on my early life.

In particular Skateboarding in the city with its use of objects such as stairs, ledges and walls has led to my interest and appreciation of architecture, bringing my attention to building structures, geometry, light, shadow and perspective.

These elements are conveyed in my abstract building paintings and photography images.

We always place our own thoughts, feelings and experiences on the things that we view and in turn re-imagine them through art and my work is the product of this

All my paintings are available to buy as originals, various formats of print and commissioned paintings can also be arranged.

Photo ofAndy Peutherer
Andy Peutherer
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Scottish Artist, painter and commissioned work
Scottish Landscape Painting
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